Dedicated Flight Planning for Drone Pilots

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Flyte Drone

Fully Integrated Flight Planning

Flight Planning has never been so easy, incorporating high resolution mapping, collaboration tools, flight logging and industry-leading airspace and ground hazard datasets.

Building Hazards
Flyte Mapping

Crystal Clear Reporting

Ensure the highest standards of organisation and professionalism using our automated reports and documentation tools to easily share your flight plans with your clients.

Flyte Mapping

Manage Flights, Hardware and Safety

Flyte enables management of all flights effectively and efficiently using our map-based flight logging platform, then maintain a digital logs of all flights you’ve ever flown.

Flyte Mapping

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Plan your flights no matter where you are in the world, whether you are out on site with a client, or in the car at the end of a busy day filming. Our Mobile app seamlessly updates across all devices allow you to spend more time in the field.

Comprehensive flight planning at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.

The Flyte Platform

All Your Flight Planning in One Tool

Permissions Handling

Access Flyte at home, in the field, before and after flying to ensure you are always equipped with the information and resources necessary.

Offline Mapping and In-Field Flight Planning

Custom Hazards

Pilots can record, log and note their own site specific ground hazards within their pre-flight planning. This enables unprecedented specificity for the pilot bringing flight planning full circle.

Custom Hazards

Hardware Management

Accurately manage your hardware using Flyte’s built in hardware management system. Record flights, damage, repairs, batteries and usage.

Hardware Management

Sharable Reporting

Flyte maintains all information generated through flight planning. This information is easily exported into standardised reports tailored to the pilot and their client’s requirements.

Automated Reporting

Airspace Integration

Through our partnership with leading data suppliers, Flyte enables pilots to integrate into national airspace and communicate with ATC.

Airspace Integration

Digital NOTAMS

Flyte provides full and up to the minute information of these restrictions ensuring pilots understand any temporary flight restrictions within the airspace they will be entering.

Digital NOTAMS/TFRs and Ground Hazards

Flyte Customer - Explore More Media

See how pilots like Rob Tomkins of ExploreMore Media are using Flyte to plan and manage their projects.

Others using Flyte

Pricing for all types of drone flight planning.

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  • Free Use of Flyte App in DroneDeploy
  • Add Specific Features to fulfill your organisation’s needs
  • Bespoke Integrations with your Organisation and/or Clients Systems
  • Add administrators to manage your projects
  • White-Labelling Opportunities
  • Integrations and On-Premises Installation
  • Enterprise Technical and Customer Support
  • Log and Permanently Store Post Flight Logs
  • Access your flight plans and plan your flights in the field using the Flyte App
  • Permanent and Unlimited Storage of Flight Plans and Logs
  • Integrate into Airspace using D-NAS
  • Access to Global Flight Planning Data
  • Powerful, High Resolution Vector-Based Mapping
  • Online Support
  • Log and Permanently Store Post Flight Logs
  • Access your flight plans and plan your flights in the field using the Flyte App
  • Access USA-Wide Digital Sectional Charts
  • Access to Global Flight Planning Data Powered by AirMap
  • Powerful, High Resolution Vector-Based Mapping

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Our Airspace data is global. This provides pilots with full visibility of airspace, airports and temporary flight restrictions.

We are constantly adding ground-based hazards and information relevant to flight planning all the time.

Please get in touch if there is anything else you would like us to include.

The number of projects and scale of projects is unlimited.

A shareable link provides your collaborators with a unique, customisable sharable mapping interface.

Your data is yours. It is held within our secure servers and can be removed at your request. Please allow working 10 days for this to occur.

Kits are designed to save you time when preparing to get out and fly. Kits are set-up by the pilot and populated with hardware and equipment required for particular drones.

You can plan your flights using any drone. Our system is hardware autonomous.

Through our partnership with AirMap, our system allows pilots to communicate and log flights with Air Traffic Control.

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