About Us

Flyte was created out of the co-founders’ passion for innovative modern mapping solutions towards meaningful understanding of airspace with complexities removed.  

At present, pilots operating worldwide use Flyte to create intuitive and comprehensive flight reports and operational management documenting their work. 


Matt & Kerr - Flyte Co-Founders

Kerr MacKinnon: Co-founder and COO

Matthew Bradley: Co-founder and CEO

Kerr expanded his expertise in location-based data and technology through studying Environmental Geography and then by obtaining an MSc in Geographical Information Science from the University of Edinburgh.

Of particular interest was the capture and analysis of aerial imagery through remote sensing thus realising the potential drones would now offer. He applied these expertise within the Scottish Renewable Energy Sector before co-founding Flyte. 

Matthew started flying manned aircraft at the age of 13 with the RAF, and from then on the aviation bug had well and truly set in. Matthew’s persistence to get up in the air and see the ground from above helped realise his other passion, maps.

Following his Masters from the University of Edinburgh, Matthew began working with the highly reputable technical mapping provider, thinkWhere. It was here he realised that he could build map centric applications helping integrate drones into complicated civilian airspace.


If you would like to learn more about the company please contact us at hello@flyte.ie. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Technical Partners

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Colman Equity




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